Cow Clap Challenge

On Saturday 10th September 2016 the club will be running the largest fundraising event for a number of years, ‘The Cow Clap Challenge’. The main pitch at the club will be divided into 2mx2m squares, each square is then sold in the form of a £5 ticket, the square in which the cow claps will be the winner of £1000 cash prize. There will also be squares picked at random which will receive a spot prize. Upon purchase of a ticket you can view where your square will be on the pitch by checking the random grid which is available by clicking here.

We view this as a day in which we can all celebrate being a part of our great club, while also raising some much needed funds to continue the development of our teams, players and club both on and off the pitch. You can purchase your ticket online or from any of the team coordinators which are listed below.

U6/U8 – Brid Moore
U10 – Emmet Wray
U12 Boys – Teresa Chester
U12 Girls – Mark Rabbet
U14  Boys – Damian McKay
U14 Girls – James McGurk
U16 Boys – Lee Casey
U16 Girls – Theresa Timlin
Minor Boys – Hugh McGrath
Minor Girls – Fidelma Heaney
Senior Men – Brian Devine
Senior Ladies – Fidelma Heaney

Order of events

Big Breakfast 10-30am – 12-30pm
Fun day / Cowclap Challenge 2-00pm – 4-00pm

Big Breakfast

Begins at 10:30am and finishes at 12:30pm. Underage kids will train as usual on the Saturday morning.

Fun Day

kick fada, sponge throw, penalty kick, crossbar challenge, plus many other events.
Will begin at 2:00pm and finish up at 4:00pm

Cow Clap Challenge


Begins at 2pm on main pitch.
Main pitch is divided up into 2501 squares on a virtual grid (excel sheet). Squares are sold at £5 per square. When the cow claps, square will be measured out and winner receives a prize of £1000.
Random spot prizes also awarded during the event.

Purchase Square(s) via Paypal

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