Help Us Fundraise – Join Our Lotto Syndicate Now!

May 24, 2021 at 9:23 pm

Everyone at Steelstown Brian Ógs is delighted to finally see Gaelic games taking place again at Steelstown and across the city and county. It has been a long wait! For us to provide the best facilities and equipment, as well as helping towards our greater development plan, we are asking for your help in supporting our major fundraiser event of 2021…but time is running out!

We have launched a lotto syndicate based on Euromillions, which will run from June 25th to December 17th. Syndicate members must be signed up before June 25th to be included.

  • 26 Weeks Duration (June 25th to Dec 17th)
  • 416 Chances To Win Big!
  • Plus 6 Monthly Draws for £50
  • Winnings distributed after final draw
  • Once off payment only
  • Winnings over £10k split evenly
  • Winnings Under £10k raffled for syndicate members (1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%)
  • Over 18 years old To Enter
  • Winnings distributed after final draw

What Are We Raising Funds For?

We are extremely grateful for the support of our members and our sponsors, without them, we would not function as a club. In the last couple of years, we have made significant improvements to the club infrastructure and facilities. These include our excellent club gym, addition of floodlights on the ‘road side’ of the pitch, repairs and painting of the entire clubhouse and hall, additional storage areas and works to improve and repaint the car park.

As a club we have ambitious plans to provide more facilities for young players and adult players alike. We provide boys and girls teams across all ages and in 2021 will line out 3 different adult mens’ teams for the first time. A second full size pitch is a major ambition which we are aiming towards. Other projects such as ‘ball-wall’ could help further. We want to further enhance our first class facilities for sport and recreation for the people of the greater Shantallow area and every fundraising initiative helps us get a bit closer!