February 15, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Following new rules brought in this year, the GAA now requires all players up to and including minors to wear an approved mouthguard for all matches and all practice sessions.

Brian Ógs have a large selection of mouthguards for sale form the merchandise stand. They will be available at 10am this Saturday at Leafair for U10 training and from 11am-12noon at the clubhouse.

There are a range of different mouthguards available, ranging from stock mouthguards, to self-fit boil & bite mouthguards to custom made mouthguards from a dental practice. To comply with the new regulations the mouthguards must have European Conformity CE markings.

The GAA and GPA have endorsed the OPRO range of self fit mouthguards. Brian Ógs have a wide sleection of the OPRO Bronze Self Fit mouthguards (boil & bite) for sale to our members for only £5. This is at a discount to what they are available for elsewhere. These mouthguards come with a dental warranty and offer a good degree of protection. they are made with extra soft lining for a good comfortable fit. These mouthguards will suit players form 7 years and up and come with carry case and instructional CD to help obtain optimum fit.

We also have a Junior Self Fit mouthguards that are suitable from 6 years and up. These boil & bite mouthguards are suitable for those with smaller mouths and will fit players up to the age of 12/13years. They also meet all the CE requirements and come with a carry case and instructions. Price £3

Opro Bronze Mouthguard £5 (Black, White, Red, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Pink)

Junior Mouthguard £3 (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Fluorescent Orange, Flourescent Yellow)

Opro Bronze Orthodontic Mouthguard: £6 Available form next week