Photographic History of Steelstown Brian Ógs

March 20, 2012 at 11:23 pm

Our Brian Óg’s Community Steering Group is in the process of planning a photographic history project of our club, players and surrounding areas. The purpose of the history project is to get some of our photo history hanging in our Clubhouse. We also hope this will re-engage people who were involved through our 26 years in existence, but have since lost touch. We hope to get as many photographs donated of past teams, players, playing fields etc. The Club has come a long way and Brian Óg’s Community Steering Group feels this is a great way to record and to open contact again with past players and members, so we would warmly encourage everybody to get involved, and if you drop in your photograph in a sealed pre-printed envelope (available in Clubhouse) with your name and contact details, we will gladly copy and return, or please pick up a free CD in the same Pre-printed envelopes and return with your contact details. We are hopeful that we will have a great selection of photos and plan to have an exhibition within the Clubhouse, celebrating our history, so please get yourself and others involved, to record our history for all to see!