Club Coaches: Access NI Forms to be returned (Essential)

January 21, 2012 at 11:19 am


To comply with new legal requirements, all coaches or people who help out and are in contact with children need to complete and return AccessNI forms. These forms are attached. Some guidance notes are also included below from Mark Rabbett who is coordinating this.

See attached 2 documents, one is a actual form, one is the guide.

Mark has filled in the generic info (it’s important we all apply as underage coaches as this covers us all to coach from U6 – U18’s ). Please do not change what is already filled in in this part.

Once the forms are complete, the need to be returned to your head coach or to Mark Rabbett, Bernie McMonagle or Brid Moore, by 31/01/2012.

These forms apply to all coaches and also anyone who is in a support role that has contact with kids in the club. This could be helpers at the summer camp, fun day’s or even parents that help out with transport etc.

As you will see from the letter, it is now a requirement by law so please encourage any club memeber that may be in this position to complete a form and apply.

If anyone needs any help or to arrange collection of forms, please contact Mark on or 07789925204


Guidance for Completing AccessNI Enhanced Disclosure Application Form

New Application form for AccessNI checks