Family Fun-day/Big Breakfast/Cow Clap Challenge

September 14, 2016 at 9:00 pm

Great family day for Club members and visitors to the Club on Saturday, and thankfully the sun shone bright.
Joe at The Sandwich Co, was our main sponsor for The Big Breakfast and were amazing in their generosity supplying most of the food and catering equipment, for a 2nd year.
Hard to thank everyone, but here goes, Thank you to everyone that turned up, bought a Cow Clap ticket, or a breakfast, took part in the races and tug of war, made teas, counted money, collected and returned tables, cooked food, parked cars, sold tickets, lent a toaster, sorted and entered tickets, set up indoors, MC, coaches’s admin, washed the dishes, volunteered to get sponged, sold merchandise, cut grass, took photos, donated spot prizes, supervised races, hung around, lined the pitch, supplied a cow, cleaned up afterwards,and more, it took a massive effort from a lot of people, but one person that has to get a special mention Brian Devine who single handedly drove this until the last 2 weeks and unfortunately missed the day due to work opportunities oversees.

Minor ladies default Claudy in championship

May 15, 2016 at 8:39 pm

Minor Ladies beat Claudy in first Championship match this morning. Good tight game Steelstown 3:10 v 4:04 Claudy

St Patrick’s Day Mass and Parade

March 12, 2016 at 8:04 pm

🍀Club’s St Patrick’s Day Mass

Mass will take place at 6:30pm on Wednesday 16th March at Steelstown chapel, mass will be celebrated by Bishop McKeown, would be great to see a big turnout in club colours.
Light refreshments (tea and buns) will be served immediately afterwards at the Clubhouse, please come along. Catering help will be needed.

🍀St Patrick’s Day Parade

Our u6-u14 players will be included in St Patrick’s day parade & should assemble in council’s car park no later than 1:30pm. Parents and coaches are asked to please stay and supervise the children and join in and help stewart the event.

Mens Senior League fixtures released

February 25, 2016 at 11:41 am

Derry CCC have agreed and published the proposed league fixtures schedule for the 2016 calendar of games in football, the Steelstown fixtures are as follows:

H & A Mechanical Services ACFL Division 2
Round 1 – 10-04-2016 (Sun)
Foreglen V Steelstown

Round 2 – 17-04-2016 (Sun)
Steelstown V Glenullin

Round 3 – 24-04-2016 (Sun) (If Derry in NFL Final (July 27)
***Moneymore V Steelstown (Friday, April 22nd)

Round 4 – 08-05-2016 (Sun)
Steelstown V Ballymaguigan

Round 5 – 15-05-2016 (Sun)
Lissan V Steelstown

Round 6 – 25-05-2016 (Wed)
Steelstown V Desertmartin

Round 7 – 29-05-2016 (Sun)
Ballerin V Steelstown

Round 8 – 05-06-2016 (Sun)
Steelstown V Doire Trasna

Round 9 – 12-06-2016 (Sun)
Faughanvale V Steelstown

Round 10 – 26-06-2016 (Sun)
Steelstown V Castledawson

Round 11 – 03-07-2016 (Sun)
Craigbane V Steelstown

Round 12 – 08-07-2016 (Fri)
Steelstown V Drumsurn

Round 13 – 24-07-2016 (Sun)
Slaughtmanus V Steelstown

H & A Mechanical Services ACRFL Division 2
Round 1 – 10-04-2016 (Sun)
Foreglen Reserve V Steelstown Reserve

Round 2 – 17-04-2016 (Sun)
Steelstown Reserve V Glenullin Reserve

Round 3 – 24-04-2016 (Sun) (If Derry in NFL Final (July 27)
Moneymore Reserve V Steelstown Reserve

Round 5 – 15-05-2016 (Sun)
Lissan Reserve V Steelstown Reserve

Round 6 – (Saturday, April 2nd)
Steelstown Reserve V Desertmartin Reserve

Round 7 – 29-05-2016 (Sun)
Doire Trasna Reserve V Slaughtmanus Reserve

Round 8 – 05-06-2016 (Sun)
Steelstown Reserve V Doire Trasna Reserve

Round 9 – 12-06-2016 (Sun)
Faughanvale Reserve V Steelstown Reserve

Round 10 – 26-06-2016 (Sun)
Steelstown Reserve V Castledawson Reserve

Round 11 – 03-07-2016 (Sun)

Craigbane Reserve V Steelstown Reserve

Round 13 – 24-07-2016 (Sun)
Slaughtmanus Reserve V Steelstown Reserve


Brian Óg McKeever’s anniversary mass

October 19, 2015 at 12:05 pm

Brian Óg McKeever’s anniversary mass will take place at 12.15pm on Sunday 8 November.

The mass will be on in Our Lady of Lourdes Steelstown and we encourgage all club members to attend.

It doesn’t need stating how important Brian Óg and the McKeever family have been in the development of our club and the legacy left behind by such a young man who was loved by many is embedded in Steelstown culture now.

The anniversary mass is just one way that Brian Óg’s can remember a club legend but it is a chance for everyone to come together and mark the occasion fittingly and offer our prayers and thoughts as a community.

Colm McKeever’s Brave the Shave fundraiser for MacMillan Cancer Support

July 9, 2015 at 7:42 pm

Brian Óg McKeever’s older brother, Colm, is doing the Brave the Shave fundraiser in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.

The MacMillan group were extremely good to Brian Óg and the McKeever family and this is a very worthy cause.

Please support Colm’s fundraiser in whatever way you can by clicking here.