Steelstown Feile Plans

June 27, 2013 at 11:40 am

Thursday 27th June
7pm – 10:30pm – Irish night to welcome our New York ladies team with music, song and dance.

Friday 28th June
1:30pm Steelstown Boys vs Longford Slashers Boys,
2:30pm Steelstown Girls vs New York Girls
7pm – 9pm Parade through Derry city of all of the 150 teams taking part in the competition

Saturday 29th June at Steelstown GAC from 9:30am
9:30am Limavady Girls vs New York Girls
10:25am Steelstown Girls vs St Partick’s Girls (Wicklow)
11:15am Skills test
11:50am Steelstown Girls vs Limavady Girls
12:35pm New York Girls vs St Patrick’s Girls (Wicklow)
Girls semi finals from 4pm at Ballinascreen

Our boys travel to Glenullin to play their group games. Matches start from 9:30am.

Saturday 29th June at Glenullin GAC from 9:30am
9:30am Glenullin Boys vs Longford Slashers Boys
10:25am North London Boys vs Steelstown Boys
11:15am Skills test
11:50am North London Boys vs Longford Slashers Boys
12:35pm Glenullin Boys vs Steelstown Boys
Boys semi finals from 4pm at Craigbane.

Saturday 29th June evening at Steelstown GAC
8pm Mass at Club
9:30pm – 10:45pm – Feile disco

Sunday 30th June – Finals at Owenbeg
Division 3 finals for Boys and Girls at Owenbeg on Sunday at 10:30am.

Please come down and support our U14 teams playing at Steelstown and Glenullin.

We will gratefully accept any help at the club over the weekend for making tea and helping welcome our visitors.
Anyone who can provide some food or essentials (milk etc) etc please contact Mary Casey at or Mark Rabbett or 07789925204.
Lets make this anotherLegenderry weekend.