Usage of the Pitch: Message from Club Chairman

March 20, 2012 at 11:50 pm

Hi All,

Our pitch maintenance contractor has given the okay to open our pitch for use again in a sensible and caring  manner to help protect our most important asset.
What this entails is that we all work together to ensure that this does not mean a free for all, and we need to be really sensible in how we use the pitch going forward.
I would also like to  sincerely thank those who have shown great patience and cooperated with us during the time of closure.
Many teams sought, and found alternative facilities for games and training and I think given the number of teams we have we should continue to use these alternative facilities to some degree.
The Mens Senior team and ladies Minor Team have asked to use the pitch for games this weekend (Men Sat and Girls Sunday). I believe we can allow this, however be aware that the pitch will not be lined out before next weekend. The first lining out of the year is a whole day event as it has to be measured out and then lined, it needs to be right first time. As this weekend is Patricks weekend the resources are just not available to get this done. Realistically weather permitting it will be Saturday March 24th before this will happen. For this weekend it should be sufficient to use the flags to mark pitch.
For the next few weeks  the proposal is to restrict each team to one session on pitch, with no heavy drills to be conducted, these can be done on the training area which is not in that bad a condition.
To allow the pitch to recover all Challenge games must be played on pitches such as Templemore, Oakgrove, and Thornhill until 2nd April 2012
I would also ask that goalmouths are not used for training sessions, if teams want to have training games the portable goals can be used for this purpose thus protecting the new goalmouths.
This pitch belongs to us all and if used sensibly we will get a full years use without any more closures.
On another note I would like to point out that the changing rooms have been completely re-painted and any previous damage has been repaired, please respect the changing areas and clean them after use.
A lot of voluntary hours and a lot of hard raised money has been invested in bringing our facility back to the fantastic condition it is in now, please play your part in keeping it in this condition.
We will review things again in a few weeks time and communicate any changes that are deemed necessary.
I will list out below the main points of this brief and some other key areas of regulation that have to be followed.

  • All games on pitch must be booked through Hugh Boyle via text or e-mail, only when he has confirmed this and club Secretary has put the booking on club website calendar is booking valid.

                      Hugh Boyle: – Mobile: – 07912380567

                                           E-Mail: –

  • Competitive games will be given priority.
  • All heavy training and drills to be done on training area.
  • Goalmouths not to be used for any training session.
  • Rotate your training around the pitch, we do not want to see all training on the clubhouse end of pitch.
  • One Session per team per week on pitch until further notice.
  • ALL challenge games until 2 April to be played away where at all possible, and if not book an alternative local facility such as Templemore, Oakgrove, or Thornhill.
  • All training sessions must be booked in the same way as games, and be published on the club calender on website, if it is not there it is not valid.
  • All players must remove boots before entering changing rooms.
  • Changing rooms must be left clean and tidy after use.
  • All incidents of damage must be reported to Hugh Boyle immediately.

Our Pitch, Our Future, Our Club !



Mícheál Ó hIfearnáin,
CLG Bhriain Óig Baile Stíl